TLG Global
in Montenegro

TLG Global D.o.o is the primary investment and operations vehicle for TLG Global in Montenegro. TLG Global D.o.o is currently developing projects focused on improving the technology investment landscape in Montenegro.

TLG Global has recently partnered with Coding Giants to launch Coding Giants – Montenegro, an after-school computer programming course that is focused on providing initial computer programming skills to children and young adults between 7 and 19 years of age.

Coding Giants is a program, started in Poland, which educates young people interested in new technologies and computer programming. Coding Giants is active in several countries (Poland, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia, and Slovakia, among others) with 100+ branches.TLG Global intends to open several in-person coding schools within the next 36 months in Montenegro.

Our goal is to improve technical education in Montenegro, encourage a cyber community, and build up a base of experienced and interested programmers for future human capital needs.

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