TLG Global Technologies

This is a call for interested parties in an early stage startup venture in Montenegro with a mission to open up the world of global trade to anyone!

Building on the success of our Coding Giants – Montenegro project, TLG Global GmbH is pleased to announce a new technology project in Montenegro!

TLG Global Technologies is in the early stage of developing a blockchain enabled subscription-based platform, to enable ANYONE to develop and use smart contracts for international services, trade, or financial settlement.

Imagine you are a young woman in Iraqi Kurdistan who wants to advertise and sell her handmade purses to the United States. A retailer in the US sees these and would like to import them. The seller and buyer connect on our platform and negotiate a contract in our proprietary workspace U/I which automatically creates a line-by-line contract. Once agreed, the contract is NFT’d and the buyer places the purchase funds in the blockchain escrow wallet. This allows the seller to see that the money has already been placed on the blockchain giving her confidence to spend her limited savings to purchase the materials and complete the work knowing she will not be taken advantage of. When her product arrives at the buyer, the buyer confirms (via the platform) the shipment’s arrival, and the escrow is released to the seller.

This system removes the need to trust the unstable banks in an emerging economy, removes the need to trust that the buyer has the money to purchase the goods, and allows specific contracts without spending significant money on legal fees.

This system ultimately allows the unbanked to access the world market, and, once the system is optimized for mobile apps, will enable many of the worlds low income people (who generally only have a phone and no desktop/laptop computer) to conduct international trade themselves and provide a way to free themselves from local corruption.

This project is being developed in Montenegro and will enable jobs and investment in this small European emerging economy. Your investment will not only provide you the possibility of financial returns, but will make a difference in the lives of ordinary people.

We are seeking to at least 50,000 EUR this round with a minimum investment of 5,000 EUR. If you are interested in potentially becoming involved with our project, please fill out the information below and we will be in touch individually to discuss a partnership.


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